“The Rings of Power (Prime Soundtrack 2022)” is coming to spotify

The Lord of the Rings the acclaimed movie trilogy by Peter Jackson is getting a prequel-series on amazon prime in september 2022. “The Rings of Power” will be a series set in the second age of J.R.R.Tolkien`s Middle Earth.

Howard Shore (who scored the prior movies) will again be composing. Alongside him Bear McCreary, who`s “The Day Will Come” can be listened to in our calm fantasy playlist.

We created a playlist for the upcoming series. It will contain the whole original soundtrack as soon as it gets released.

You can follow the playlist now to join the hype:

Upcoming: The Rings of Power

Be ready to listen to the official soundtrack to the series – and follow our playlist right away:

You are an artist and want your music to be featured in this playlist? It is really easy (and we don`t charge any money). Just stick the playlist to your artists profile and contact us. Read more about this campaign here.

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