how to get playlisted

You are an artist or represent an artist and want your tunes to be featured in one (or more) of our playlists?

This is how it works!

Before you contact us, please make sure that your portfolio fits to one or more of our playlists. You can read this article to get an overview of our playlists.

If you think you have some tunes that would fit in, than contact us via email. Please give us information on:

  • your name and the link to your artists-profile
  • the playlist(s) you want your tunes to be featured in
  • the tunes you would like to suggest

We will answer your request as soon as possible.

If we think your tunes fit in, we reach out to you. We might ask you to stick one of our playlists to your artists profile – if you do that before reaching out to us, this will improve your chances to get featured in one of our playlists. After your tunes got playlisted, it won’t take long until you see new listeners checking your spotify artists profile.

your music matches?

contact us!

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